Black and Red in Support of Christchurch

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The earthquake in Christchurch was shocking and devastating.  I am fortunate enough to be tucked away safely in the upper North Island away from the disaster.  But being so far away brings with it a feeling of hopelessness.  Watching hours of News broadcasts in horror does not seem to be helping!  In support of Christchurch, my husband and I have listed our beach property in Northland on a few websites making it available for free accommodation for those wanting to get away from affected area.  We have also donated what we could afford via the law firm I work for, Webb Ross.  Yesterday the staff at Webb Ross wore red and black to work and gave generously.  I understand other firms in the Law Link group have done the same.


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  1. Chris  August 30, 2011

    I live in Christchurch and we all do appreciate all of the help and support that we have been given from the whole country. It’s nice to know people were thinking of us and have given so generously. Now we just need a little more help for the 20 year rebuild!