You will benefit from Law Direct assisting you to protect your assets

  • Trusts
    Protect your assets by transferring them to a family trust
    • Trust formation $2,000*
    • You will find forming a family trust or trading trust simple with our assistance.

    • Appointing and removing trustees $300-650*
    • Whether a trustee is retiring or being removed, or whether you want to add new trustees, we are here to help you.

    • Gifting $250*
    • Even though gift duty has been repealed, you may benefit from continuing your annual gifting programme.

    • Annual General Meetings $50*
    • You will benefit from correct administration of your trust, including holding AGMs.

    • Winding up and distributing assets $2,000*
    • If the reason for your trust no longer exists, you may benefit from winding up the trust and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries.

    The sooner you put asset protection in place, the safer your assets will be.

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  • Relationship Property
    Protect your property from relationship claims
    • Pre-nuptial / contracting out / relationship property agreements start at $1,200*
    • You can contract out of the equal sharing rules in relation to relationship property either before or during your relationship.

    • Independent legal advice on pre-nups starts at $1,000*
    • You and your partner are required to get advice from separate lawyers on the effects and implications of the agreement.

    • Property sharing agreements start at $750*
    • You can agree to share your property with your partner.

    • Separation agreements – the price will depend on the work involved
    • You will find negotiating a settlement with your partner easy with our tough, but fair, negotiators.

    • Legal advice on your rights under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 – contact us for an estimate
    • We can tell you what you are entitled to under the law.

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  • Wills and Estates
    Make administering your estate easier for your loved ones during this difficult time
    • Your Will $120*
    • You will enjoy value for money when you make a Will.

    • Living wills / medical directives $50*
    • Make a choice now about potential future health care procedures, in case you are not competent when the decision has to be made.

    • Estate administration – the cost will depend on work involved
    • You will benefit from our assistance with distributing a loved one’s estate.

    • Probate applications $750*
    • You will enjoy our cost effective prices for simple estates where the Will is proved

    • Legal advice on claims against estates – contact us for an estimate
    • We can tell you what you are entitled to under the law.

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  • Powers of Attorney
    Who will make decisions for you, if you are not able to?
    • Enduring Power of Attorney
    • Enduring Power of Attorney in Relation to Personal Care and Welfare

      You will benefit from appointing a trusted person to look after your personal care and welfare if you become mentally incapable.

      Enduring Power of Attorney in Relation to Property

      You will benefit from appointing one or more competent people to look after your property now or if you become mentally incapable.

      From $500* for both of the above.

    • General Power of Attorney $150*
    • If you leave the country, you will find it useful to have appointed an attorney to sign documents while you are away.

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*The above prices exclude GST and disbursement costs.  The prices are estimates only and are for standard transactions that proceed in an uncomplicated manner.  In most cases the cost will depend on the value or quantity of assets involved and our time spent on the matter.  We will confirm the estimated cost to you when we have received your instructions and, where possible, we will provide a fixed fee to you.

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